Task manager pro
a complete task management plugin

Task List Preview(Shortcode)

Following is the recent task list overview. You would have control to show the task list on any page or post. If you would like to control particular task/project then you can do with single clicking on particular task/project item.

You will found all short-code on this page link

Task Name Project Name Task Status Task Priority Progress Due Date Task Type
cedulas proyecto 1 Completed standart 100% 2019-08-31 Label 1
jhnmnhjmjh PO 09-08-2019 Re-opened standart 29% 0000-00-00 Label 1
adasdasdasdasd Machine - 1 Done standart 34% 0000-00-00 Label 1
new task New Project Open standart 81% 0000-00-00 Label 1
Update and Disable Test- Move Site NEW standart 100% 0000-00-00 Label 1
tache no 1 Cie Logo Open standart 0% 2019-10-31 Label 1
sagar P.19.3445 Re-opened standart 0% 2019-09-25 PH
TEst PO 09-08-2019 Suspended Low 67% 2019-08-14 PH
teasa P.19.3445 NEW Urgent 0% 2019-09-25 PH
SOU MYAAAAA HELLOOOOO New Project Re-opened standart 40% 2019-10-31 tbp label
tbp inspection tbp project Open Medium 10% 0000-00-00 tbp label
Test123 App Clone Open 100% 0000-00-00 Label 1
التكويد المرحلة الاولى تصميم موقع داينامك متجر الكتروني Re-opened 0% 2019-10-17 Label 1
Security Cie Logo Open 80% 2019-09-30 PH
buat bodo Machine - 1 NEW 9% 2019-09-28 tbp label

New Ticket(Shortcode)

You would able to set ticket Shortcode anywhere in page/post.

You will found all short-code on this page link

Login to submit new ticket.

Task Manager Pro have widget to show project/task list item with count.  You would able to add widget to any specific sider/footer area from widget page.